Conforzy Universal Bassinet Wedge, Newborn Baby Reflux Reducer and Nasal Congestion Reducer (Circular)

Conforzy Universal Bassinet Wedge is all the comfort your baby needs!

Conforzy Universal Bassinet Wedge is the only bassinet wedge in the market that passes all leading consumer safety testing certified by Bureau Veritas.

It has the ideal 12 degrees angle recommended by pediatricians for newborns that use bassinets.

Gently elevates the baby’s head and torso. Reduces nasal congestion caused by colds and flu as well as discomfort caused by acid reflux by gently raising the baby's head to optimum height.

Care, Use and Installation Instructions:

  • Wipe with damp cloth and mild soap.
  • To install, simply place the wedge under the sheet at the head of the bassinet and tuck in the bottom sheet.

Non-skid bottom keeps the wedge securely in place under bassinet mattress. The wedge also can be placed underneath the bassinet mattress. To discourage rolling or sliding, ensure that the baby’s bottom is on the mattress, with only baby’s back and head on the wedge for elevation.

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